At 64squares, we build solutions that let organizations automate their data processing, strategic and tactical decisions, and operations into an AI-enabled platform. Our solutions empower users to answer complex questions quickly and precisely. Our clients include fast-growing startups, category leaders, mid-market and large enterprises, governments, and not-profits

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Marketing Analytics

Companies across the globe are already making sophisticated marketing choices with data and analytics. We are harnessing the technology of deep learning to help our clients improve RoI

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Customer Experience

AI has unleashed new approaches for CX strategy and implementation. We are partnering with our clients to operationalize voice-of-customer and setup integrated platforms for journey maps

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Operations & Planning

Supply chains have widely adopted smart technologies for real-time data collection and automation. We have been building increasingly sophisticated AI solutions to reduce complexity and improve cost savings

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Risk & Preventive Analytics

Combining supervised and unsupervised machine learning approaches to find real-time anomalies in emerging data. We also partner with clients to strengthen legacy models and automate insights from novel data-sets

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What We Bring To The Table?

We have all the necessary ingredients and skills to build scalable AI Products

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More than 30 years of combined AI experience right since the beginning days of Kaggle

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Data engineering and app engineering expertise to convert AI solutions into scalable products using data engineering

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Elegant and responsive designs to make AI accessible to business users

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More than 60 years of combined experience in retail, e-commerce and insurance to solve tough business problems using AI

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Our Platform

A decade of building flexible custom platforms for our clients to improve pace and reliability of critical AI transformation programs for continuous improvement

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Any algorithm is just the beginning. To help our clients realize transformational change, we constantly build solutions that bring practical AI out of the lab and into the ever changing real world

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Full-stack build components - handling complex real-time big data environments of PBs scale, implementation of graph data and cluster-compute Spark programs to productionize ML and monitor model performance

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Not just dashboards. We build robust process control systems to define, measure, monitor and impact operational parameters for efficiency gains

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Easy integration of NLP/ML/AI models with email services, browser, mobile apps, web applications and 3rd party self-serve platforms

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Industries We Impact

We help clients across a variety of verticals where the offline and online worlds are coming together. If you have a challenging problem, we are eager to help - to architect innovative solutions with proven methodologies

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Retail & Ecommerce
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Banking, Insurance and Fintech
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Clients We Serve

We serve clients across fast-growing startups, mid-market and large enterprises, governments and not-profits

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Tools And Technologies We Use

We have a heavy focus on open-source scalable technologies

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Our Delivery Approach

We have a unique approach that brings agile methodology to AI

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We help companies cut the long research phases involved in the development of AI solutions. Fast iterations and rapid prototyping enables rapid deployment of AI solutions

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All our work is oriented toward ultimately building scalable products. We host or help our clients host AI solutions as web platforms or APIs

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Development of AI products needs varied set of skills: Data science, Engineering, Design and Business Expertise. We have all of them in-house and can adaptively bring them to the table as per the requirements

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We merge seamlessly with client teams depending on the specific needs and get involved right from conceptualization stage all the way to deployment and maintenance