64squares is a full-stack AI services firm

Our solutions, powered by sophisticated algorithms, are engineered to create significant break-throughs.
We are proud to serve innovative leaders at unique businesses that bring the online and offline worlds together.

Fast Facts


Founded in 2012, we help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create operational efficiencies and extract better value from data.

From the C-suite to the front line, we partner with our clients to enhance their organizations in the ways that matter most to them. This requires integrating digital, analytics, AI and design into core processes and mind-sets, and building capabilities that help our client teams thrive in ever-changing contexts.

With a team of 30+ full-stack engineers, designers, consultants, domain experts and AI specialists, we combine global expertise and local insights to help you turn your ambitious AI roadmaps into practical wins.

What we do?

We bring a product mindset to AI and help our clients rapidly develop and deploy practical solutions. To enable human-aided analyses on real-time data and to automate and semi-automate critical decisions.

  • We’re focused on creating intuitive user interfaces for working with AI, one that empowers business leaders to ask and answer complex data questions without requiring to master any mission controls. To achieve this, we build bespoke platforms to ingest, transform, and augment data pipelines on top of which we layer apps for interactive, human-aided, machine- assisted, and also fully automated analyses.

Why're we here?

With right data and good technology, teams and institutions today can still solve hard problems and enhance lives for the better.

In early part of this decade, when we looked at the available technology, we saw tools that were too rigid to handle novel problems, and custom services that took too long to deploy and required too many tranches to maintain and improve.

We saw self-serve platforms that failed against adaptive adversaries, and all-or-nothing access controls that forced organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between collaborating and securing sensitive data from misuse.

We saw a need for a nimble and practical AI, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded 64squares.

Our Approach

We bring agile methodology to AI. To go from zero to a working MVP fast.

Synchronized iterations of data science, engineering, design and domain experts enable us to deliver value in weeks rather than months.

Our Values

We seek out people and clients who challenge themselves to be exceptional -and champion that spirit in others. We’re guided by Gandhi’s search for truth, in our unwavering commitment to always do the right thing by our clients, people, and communities.

We strive to define a bold ambition with clients, then work together as one team to create such high levels of value that we set new standards of excellence.

We work every day to build and empower a truly innovative team, and to foster an environment that is respectful and receptive to new ideas. We celebrate difference and diversity — of background, approach, culture and identity.

Our team is focused on
mission-driven AI engineering

We’re engineers, not theoreticians. At our client locations around the world, we deploy solutions that combine practical expertise in data engineering, parallelization at scale, user interface design, and machine learning. Whatever their role, everyone on our team combines a true engineering mindset to understand trade-offs, design under constraints with relentless focus on practical implementation.

Our Clients

Why us?

  • We build customized solutions using the agile development model
    • We do not sell off-the-shelf solutions. We understand how enterprises operate in very unique ways. The underlying rich set of nuances cannot be addressed by pre-made solutions. These specifics often determine the success or failure of the analytics solution. We spend considerable amount of time to understand our clients' business in depth and transform the clarity into a successful solution.

      We achieve this using the agile development model. The emphasis is on lean, iterative and incremental development with ample feedback. We believe that typical large consultants, who take client's data and go off-line to come up with a solution, often end up solving an imaginary problem. Continuous, streamlined and effective interaction ensures that we are in perfect alignment with your thought process.

  • We lower costs by using open source platforms and by automated processes
    • We are able to deliver accurate results at very low costs. This is made possible by deploying open source platforms and our in-house automated processes.

      We strongly recommend opensource technologies including R, Python and Perl. These offer the most advanced functionality at zero-cost. Our clients benefit from immense cost savings. Leading scientific communities around the world now rely on the same sets of state-of-art technologies for their research.

      Open source technologies are not well known for their ease of use around business communities. So we made it our mission to design and develop automated processes to transform the data mining process into a user-friendly format. This allows us to work rapidly and accurately. All of this to ensure you spend as minimal as possible to achieve your target business outcomes and exceed all expectations.

  • We excel at data mining and build solutions that are easy to integrate and use
    • Our teams regularly compete at international data science contests with a strong track record of success. Kaggle (www.kaggle.com) hosts various data mining and predictive modeling sports and some of the world's best scientists are regular participants. We recently won third place at a contest to build a predictive model to predict patient diagnosis for type 2 diabetes. The key behind such successes is fast and reliable signal processing, robust frameworks, innovative feature generation and use of cutting edge machine learning techniques such as random forests, neural networks and gradient boosting.

      We ensure that the solutions are easy to integrate into your existing technology platforms. We can use your tool of choice or provide a interface for your IT platforms to interact with our solutions. To make our solutions accessible to you from anywhere in the world, we are building a highly effective cloud-based framework.

  • We will work with you from start to finish
    • We work closely with you from the start of an engagement to the final implementation. With our result-oriented, fast-paced services, you can actually see improvement in your business as we work with you.

  • You will get practical, implementable results
    • With our results oriented approach, you will be able to make significant improvements that can enhance customer responsiveness, reduce costs, and position your company for growth. The result is increased competitiveness and improved bottom-line for your organization.

Leadership Team

Principal Data Scientist
Head of Engineering