Practical AI to lead through uncertain times

We help clients become AI-driven organizations that achieve better performance through
better data at a faster rate

As the availability and complexity of data sources, volume and velocity grow, so do the opportunities for organizations to create the right kind of changes that are meaningful for customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and society at large. Firms that can find ways to innovate data and AI assets will add significantly to their competitive advantage over the next decade of fundamental AI transformation.That’s why we’re helping our clients accelerate their data science growth - investing in key technology partnerships to empower teams with the capabilities they need to address the current and future challenges.

Our global teams of leading data scientists, engineers, consultants and analysts - possess deep technical and industry expertise and understand underlying cost economics, network dynamics, customer needs, and competitive nuances.

Our solutions automate generation of insights and deliver critical impact for clients through a wide range of flexible models, scalable analytics architectures, for both ad hoc and continuous support.

Importantly, we are fully technology agnostic and can work with our clients' incumbent technology stacks, home-grown or acquired platforms and roadmaps. Post implementing the data pipelines, model stacks, interfaces, and tools, we focus on completely transferring core IP and skills that can become a sustained competitive advantage for our client organizations. There are no black box solutions with us. We passionately believe that data science is core to everything we do at 64squares and our clients deserve to benefit from our cumulative experience and hunger to build measurable results.

Leverage all data including unstructured text, voice-to-text, images, and videos, to both predict future events and detect past outcomes – e.g. trends, pricing decisions, fraud risk, churn, emerging categories, buyer preferences, etc
APIs for multi-channel personalization of products, offers, content, and service prioritization for measurable improvements to CX, conversion cycles, brand loyalty, and turn-around-times
Text Mining &
Custom platforms to extract high-quality information and insights from written text, digital content, social media feeds, manual reports, PDF documents, scanned documents, etc. Modules for tagging/annotation, product label mapping, summarization, and to extract meaningful elements
Image & Video
Custom platforms to build AI-powered computer vision algorithms to extract valuable insights from images and videos to improve customer experience
AI @ Scale
Scalable models to accommodate PBs of data sizes on secure cloud micro-service architectures
Enterprise applications for business managers to optimize marketing, pricing, and feature combinations to improve conversion cycles and market share
Granular models at SKU-hour levels refresh daily to predict accurate customer demand, prevent stock-outs, improve both topline and gross margins
Unsupervised learning models to uncover operational issues in customer service, emerging trends, and opportunities to strengthen products
Automated alert engines to predict customer engagement, churn probability, likelihood to respond to campaigns, offers, and external market risks
Data Pipelines
We build codes to ingest external and internal data, and allow for dynamic pipeline generation
Achieve higher performance for batch and streaming data, using state-of-art schedulers using Spark, and run on Hadoop, Kubernetes on-prem or cloud
Response Time
Codes for parallel processing to minimize API response-time and keep your AI applications on track with run-time accuracy monitoring
Model Monitoring
Gather performance data from your application components and machine-learning models to evaluate outliers and near-time resolutions of issues
Interfaces Design
Open-source Technologies
3rd Party Tools
On-prem and Cloud