Our Solutions

Our services are used globally across private, public and not-profit sectors to help
organizations quickly implement solutions to hard problems

Organization use 64squares to transform the myriad of sales and marketing efforts into AI streams on bespoke platform for a unified view for leadership and line managers - To minimize sales leakage and execute on growth opportunities, optimize promotions and maximize returns on online ad spends to drive true incremental sales.

  • Enhancing marketing mix modeling solutions

    Applying machine learning to optimize your go-to-marketing mix and unifying multi-touch attribution with MMMs to actuate a unified measurement platform

  • Developing online campaign optimization algorithms

    State-of-art scalable ML platforms custom built to reduce infrastructure costs, and automate data pipelines, adword models build, training and scoring

  • Optimizing pricing algorithms and promotions effectiveness

    Online interfaces for category managers and analysts to simulate impact of price changes, bundling, offers, promotions, and measure effectiveness

  • Implementing predictive lead scoring and direct market targeting

    Predictive scores for your marketing leads with custom-built AI models that adjust for behavior, fit and classification. Advanced segmentation to capture business attributes and prioritization by conversion propensity

64squares builds custom platforms for CX leaders to drive measurable impact across text, voice, video based channels - not just survey results. Our early warning systems help you identify themes before they evolve into issues to tackle - not just lagging indicators.

  • Operationalizing voice-of-customer leveraging text, image feeds

    Enhance VOC analytics with practical AI solutions to produce accurate, reliable, and actionable insights for improved customer interactions

  • Developing granular segmentation and near-time alert systems

    Automated platforms custom built to improve segmentation schematics and intelligent alerts over intuitive interfaces for enterprise managers

  • Automating predictive customer journey analytics

    AI-enabled platform to help brands evaluate users’ real experience, and identify opportunities. Real-time intent prediction to improve CX and agent performance

Our custom solutions enable real-time monitoring, intelligent alerts and what-if simulations to help manufacturers and CPG firms realize cost savings through optimized inventories for raw materials, in-transit goods, purchase parts, and finished goods. We help retailers use shopper, transactional, category trends for predictive modeling to anticipate needs and improve store operations and profitability. Our reinforcement learning models using real-time data help you optimize product mix and assist in category management.

  • Managing demand and supply with accurate forecasts

    Align demand using the right forecasts to ensure high levels of accuracy and prevent stock-outs. Optimize warehouses, labor staffing and distribution networks based on anticipated demand and realize savings

  • Optimizing inventories for cost savings

    Evaluate supply matching and vendor performance to identify consolidation opportunities. Optimize sourcing volume and frequency by forecasting future prices. Build accurate understanding of spend data to visualize cost savings and risks. Automate process to read, analyze, and compare contracts across the enterprise

  • Improving network optimization to reduce distribution complexity

    AI-led in-bound inventory analytics to optimize pick, pack, and ship accuracy across warehouse processes. Identify optimal shipping methods, vehicle type, and fill rate optimization across transportation routes. Assort customer orders to map to focal DCs, and improve visibility

We combine supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods to reduce the lag in adapting to rapidly evolving patterns that help online merchants and financial firms identify complex fraud, reduce false positives, improve customer experience and protect bottomline. Our custom self-learning modules integrate with legacy adverse media research platforms to enable context-aware visualizations such as alerts, parties, accounts, risk drivers, and automate risk identification and classification.

  • Detecting potential fraud or abuse for real-time implementation

    Supervised and unsupervised learning models to identify outliers that represent previously unseen forms of fraud and identify transactions that do not conform to the majority. State-of-the-art machine-learning techniques to detect abuse in online contexts including opinion spam in reviews

  • Integrating alternative data-sets for automated insights

    Augment data ingestion with a variety of real-time news, blogs, articles, and social media feeds to identify relevant elements for modelling to predict risk correlations, and extract meaningful insights for enterprise users

  • Identifying operations risk with early warning systems

    Cognitive AI-models to analyze internal & supplier data to identify avenues to save costs and mitigate costs with intelligent and actionable alerts

How we help clients

  • Intelligent alerts for store and online operations during Covid-19 lockdowns

    Real-time learning models to identify customers at risk of churn, category dynamics, and early warnings of critical points, and merchandize management for priority categories

  • AI platform for price optimization and accurate demand forecasting for Covid-19 adjustments

    Automated data pipelines and advanced ML ensemble models and a in a matter of weeks to setup baseline platform for granular demand forecasting at a SKU-hour level and optimizing various discounts, promotions and offers daily. Integration of external data-sets for price benchmarking and weather patterns

  • Re-alignment models for sourcing and distribution optimization

    BNew models to optimize operations for demand and supply balancing, diversifying distribution channels for omnichannel presence

  • Productionizing data- and context-driven sales and marketing conversations

    Advanced AI solutions to improve sales and marketing message relevance and consistency across all offline and online customer channels. With all the data about customers, competitors, and the products, sales folks can communicate actual value-add, instead of simply negotiating on price. Web and mobile apps for actionable insights that drive day-to-day value for sales and marketing

  • AI-lead macro risk models using real-time external information across assets, industries, geographies and investment categories

    Integrating real-time feeds from news, blogs, podcasts, social media channels using quantitative, unstructured text and voice-to-text sources to build new risk correlation models that strengthen barometers of corporate lending and institutional investments

  • AI modules for fraud detection and proactive risk management

    Custom supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning approaches to enhance fraud detection models for digital transactions over B2C and B2B platforms

  • Leveraging AI to prevent abuse, and assess customer sentiment and insights from social media conversations

    Real-time learning models to integrate social media feeds and protect online content assets from abuse, and identify customer behavior themes, archetypes, and identify unmet needs and future issues

  • Enhancing API run-time performance of models built over high-scale PB data pipelines and continuous performance monitoring

    Robust data engineering practices to automate data sourcing, refresh, and cleaning pipelines, refresh model architectures
    Continuous monitoring of model performance to minimize losses, bias and improving explainability. We do this for any modeling stacks setup in Azure, AWS or Google clouds, and also SAP and Salesforce

  • Sales, CRM, and user analytics data re-platforming from legacy DW to graph databases, hadoop and Spark-based implementations

    We help migration projects from SAS, SPSS to R, Python, and migration of client databases from mySql, Oracle, etc to no-sql and graph dbs

  • Designing and building web and mobile applications for interactive user engagement

    Working closely with customer teams to understand business needs, user dynamics, pain points, to design, prototype and productionize apps on web and mobile across Java, J2ee, Android and ioS

  • AI models for pharma marketers to improve sales rep success rates

    Prediction engine that relates exposure to specific promotional content (or sequences / duration of content) to the likelihood a physician will prescribe a product within a period of time following a sales call. We can integrate marketing segmentation models with a rep's appointment calendars to automate alerts on what their next best actions can be

  • AI models for providers to identify patients-at-risk for proactive intervention

    We use de-identified patient electronic health data-sets on-premise to automate alerts for patients at risk of specific health conditions like diabetes, risk of readmission, and medication adherence

  • AI models to enhance pharma and medical devices marketing research

    Predictor models to forecast sales of newly launched drugs/devices using government reimbursement data, buyer/influencer survey data, etc Simulation engines to deploy on conjoint analyses of patient/physician/buyer survey data to assess impact on market share by tweaking parameters related to product launch, positioning, price, features, etc

  • On-prem prediction models to identify priority target molecules for trials

    Determine biological activities of molecules, both on- and off-target, given descriptors generated from chemical structures. On-prem prediction models to identify higher priority target molecules for pharma trials